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Cupping is an old medicine that has been used around the world. There are two types of cupping: 

Dry cupping is used for treatment of common cold, relaxing the body from tension,

waking up the energy by tonifying technique.

Wet cupping or Hijama is used to treat pain conditions, headaches, locked muscles,

spiritual maladies, and emotional disorders.


It is attributed that when the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) experienced

the ascent (mi'araj) to the heavens, he was greeted by angels who encouraged he recommend the Hijama to his community. In various narrations it is also narrated that healing is  found in black seed, cupping, and honey.

Wet cupping is a cleansing of toxic blood, and recommended in any detox program or one who has quit drug use and wants to thoroughly clean the body of traces of impurity.

TIMING Our clinic offers Wet cupping or Hijama from Spring to Early Fall (April through September) on the 17th, 19th, and 21st of the lunar month. An appointment lasts about 75 minutes.

If you are interested and it is outside this time, please call the clinic and leave message with a good time to call back in case we are not available to speak when you call. You can also schedule a 20-minute consultation to discuss your health needs so we can have a plan. If we cannot offer Hijama we can offer other services including Ruqya (spiritual healing through Divine Remembrance, and Qura'an Recitation), Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage, Diet, and prescribed Exercises that can help your condition.

PRICING The current charge for Wet cupping or Hijama is $200/visit.

**For new patients, we first require a consultation visit ($50) on a separate date from treatment. Once you come for your consultation we can secure an appointment for treatment on the schedule. 

*Note: our clinic only treats men with Hijama*

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