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Are you tired of saying "I'm tired?"


The tests showed nothing. Your numbers were all within a normal range--but you still felt TIRED. If you have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, or the words alone sound a resonance, people have probably made suggestions with hopes you would feel better. Maybe you've tried them and they didn't help. Maybe you just couldn't muster the will to actually make it happen and are stuck in a funk you can't seem to shake.


Chronic Fatigue's affects pull you out of a once-normal life, robbing you of the ability to live fully. It's not in your head. You just don't feel up to it and are afraid of exerting energy because it is limited and short-lasting. Imagine being free from this recurring experience. If you held the keys of freedom, how would your life change? 


The treatment I offer is not asking you to run up flights of stairs, do hundreds of jumping jacks, or telling you to "just get over it." Over the last decade I have created a special combination of treatment including gentle acupuncture, diet recommendations, and tested self-help techniques to help you beat Chronic Fatigue. 


Call 703-772-2271 to schedule a consultation, and let's get you energized!

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