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Every land has had medicine to support its inhabitants. The animals know this innately. Humanity has cultivated various traditions to help care for its people. The prophet Mohammad, peace be on him said "For everything illness there is a cure."


Important for all to know:

a) Your food intake is one of the most effective forms of medicine. 

b) We all need to you might as well eat the right stuff!

c) If you don't, can definitely contribute to your symptoms of: low energy, stomachaches, bloating, inflamation, allergies & excess mucous, pain, arthritis, blood sugar anomalies, increased stress.

d) Food can be categorized by more than what you might be used to (Minerals, Vitamins, Micronutrients). It can be known by energetic qualities: (Yin/Yang, Hot/Cool, Dry/Moist, 5 Elements). 

e) Depending on the season or your body's condition, you may need to alter your diet for balance.

     For example: to counter summer heat and exhaustion, watermelon is an excellent remedy!

f) It can be confusing, especially with so much hype on "healthy foods"...but some of these might not be appropriate for you at all! How do you know?

g) Because it is such a valuable and recurrent aspect to influencing your health, we strongly recommend you take an honest look at your diet and check in for a food energy consultation to help balance your body's needs.

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