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Through innovative interactive classes, you can learn effective tools to aid in understanding your body and the care it will most appreciate. Not finding the class you want available? Inquire to start the class of your interest at a convenient location: in your workplace, community center, church, mosque, etc..


Learning these effective keys to health is an investment in your family's health, permitting you to spend less in the long run and share positve habits for your children as inheritance.




(1) Expedite your healing and recovery time

(2) Get back to work

(3) Do the things you've missed doing

(4) Spend more quality time with loved ones

(5) Have support as you live a more healthy lifestyle.

Qi Gong Class Schedule


None currently offered. Please call for inquiry.


Length:  1-1.5 hours

Format: Check-in, Warm-up, Qi Gong Set, Meditation, Conclusion

Cost:     $15/drop-in or $49/month (cash/credit/checks accepted)


Photo: Master Guo Lian Ying in standing Pose

Massage for Couples


Nearly everyone wants a massage or could benefit from one. They are great for improving blood circulation, relaxing tension and irritability, and so much more.


I was inspired with the idea for this class after meeting men who didn't want their wives receiving massages from other men, and women who didn't want their husbands to receive massages from other women.


If you (or your spouse's) massage techniques leave more to be desired, this is definitely for you.  Are you hesitant to press fearing you may hurt your loved one? Are you accused of going too hard or soft...or being "pokey?" Do you get tired quickly?


Aside from the obvious body benefits, massaging your loved one creates a non-verbal intimacy between you and is a great way to spend time together. It helps you connect and develop trust with one-another more deeply thank talking, tv, food, or discussions have room for. 


This class can be taught as an intro or level 1 course. It can help you connect your loving touch with massage to bring gladness and intimacy between you and your loved one.


Recommended for all couples. Requirement: married couples only


Link to Tui Na Page

Family Herbal Medicine


Herbs can be a powerful way to care for your personal and family health. Over the counter herbal teas are nice...but are neither medicinal grade nor meant to be taken as medicine. This class will help you find potent natural products that actually work and are meant to support you and your family in living a healthy life. 


Learn wonderful simple-to-use remedies that can help your sun burns, bruises, food poisoning, and job-stress. When faciing a cold, build immunity while also taking away the cold, fever, or belly ache. Upgrade your first aid kit and learn what you can do for yourself and your family!


Link to Herbs Page

Thought for Food


Details to come...

Link to Diet Page

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