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You may think you did not receive a manual for how to live in this world and take care of your body...but you did. Your body and heart (the spiritual heart, not the muscle) contain deep wisdom that is available and longing for you to listen. You may call it something else--like "instinct"..."truth"..."God"..."Light."


Here, Yoga goes past postures in the studio and gives you the opportunity to reach for the wisdom within. Go beyond traditional medicine and psychotherapy and what other people say your are. It may share with you the deeper reason to your allergies, migraines, tense shoulders, stomach pains, and chest stuffiness you experience.


This is a unique offering, and is rare amongst acupuncturists, and even yoga practitioners...but this is the real essence of Yoga--to know one's self. There is an old Sufi saying: "HE WHO KNOWS HIMSELF KNOWS HIS LORD."

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